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Please notice when submitting art through the link on the main page of the gallery that you are automatically prompted to submit your art to the first folder of the list. Before submitting your art, please review the list of folders in the drop down menu on the top part of the deviation selection screen.

If you do not submit your art to the right folder, it will be declined. So if your submission is refused, try submitting it again in the folder it belongs to before asking questions.

In any case, before getting angry or making any fuss at the fact that your submission didn't get accepted, please, make sure to verify the reason why it was refused!

:iconexclamationmarkplz: Rules :iconexclamationmarkplz:

:star: Anyone can join!

:star: You don't have to join to submit art! That's right, you heard me!

:star: You can submit up to unlimited pictures a day!

:star: Submissions must be done in the correct folder! No Exceptions!

:star: OCs are welcomed. This group is mainly reserved to the real SoulCalibur stars, which means the official characters we know, that are created by Namco and that are seen in the series. But we will now be accepting original characters, in their own separate folder.

Any creatures that have a link with Soul Edge (like malfested, mostly) are also welcomed since, obviously, there are probably a lot that just aren't shown in the game.

:star: No submitting Guest Characters arts! This also means characters from other series (aka none SC universe). Angol Fear is not accepted because she doesn't belong to the series. Yoshimitsu's Tekken design will not be accepted either! No exceptions.

:star: New designed outfits for any characters are welcomed, however outfits that belongs to or references other characters from other series are not.

:star: Everything that goes from nudes to sexualized characters shall NOT be accepted. However, a few exceptions could be made if it is artistic. There is a difference between artistic nudes and gross sexual nude. This is no pornographic regroupment, it is an art fan club.

:star: Sketches are allowed but they must be somewhat clean and in the Sketches, Linearts and No Colours! folder. If not, they will be denied. However, chibis can all be in the chibi folder, colored or not.

:star: No WIPs screenshot! By that I mean taking a screenshot of the drawing with the program window visible. However, I do not want unfinished WIPs either. A completed sketch is fine, but an incomplete drawing is not as enjoyable, so make sure to finish it up before submitting.

:star: No screenshots from your TV screen unless if the photo has a super good quality, no motivational posters, no desktop background!

(A good way to get HD quality pictures on the ps3; when you are in the creation mode, just press the ps button, go to the image section and you can save the screenshot this way then import it to your computer with an usb key, for the xbox I have no idea how it works, sorry)

:star: No blurry pictures! I know not everyone has a scanner, but even masterpieces can be ruined by a poorly taken picture. That includes cosplay. It can be an awesome one, but with a poor quality picture, it ruins it all up.

:star: We do not accept official artworks/sketches for obvious reasons of copyright and also because that is not a form of art created by yourself. It shouldn't even have to be on DA. This is a group for sharing fan arts of your favourite SC characters and not Photobucket. Official in-game screenshots, however, are accepted

:star: Stamps are okay! And they should go into the "Graphism" folder!

:star: Follow the rules of deviantART!

:star: Have fun!

:iconquestionmarkplz:How to Join :iconquestionmarkplz:

| Right above is the button to join! Click it!!!!
| Requests are automatically approved, so no need to worry about the comment box.

:iconquestionmarkplz: How to Submit Art :iconquestionmarkplz:

| Click the big button on the home page! -or-
| Click the big button in the gallery section! -or-
| Click your avatar under the club icon and select Contribute Existing Deviation!
| Then, select a folder to submit to!
| Click Submit! You're done!

:iconquestionmarkplz: How to have art in Featured :iconquestionmarkplz:

| The pieces are randomly selected by yours truly, from time to time!
| Members are encouraged to send their suggestions of a featured by note or comments!

:iconquestionmarkplz:How to Suggest Faves:iconquestionmarkplz:

| You have to be a member for this!
| You click the big button on the top right in the Faves gallery!
| -or- click your avatar below the group's icon and select Suggest a Favourite!
| This is a good opportunity for members who want to show the club some awesome fan art of Soul Calibur that many might not have seen throughout the millions of deviations on deviantART. Faves have no voting queue honestly, BUT you must be a member!
| However, not all suggestions will be accepted.

:iconexclamationmarkplz:Promotion Tips:iconexclamationmarkplz:

| Promote us in your journals!
| Promote us in your signature!
| Promote us in the forums!
| Promote us anywhere!
Greetings to you all!

I don't have much to say here today, except that a little cleaning has been made of the gallery's folders. By that I mean that all the "dead" deviations (a.k.a., those who turned into deviation in storage) have all been removed from the gallery so it does not uselessly take space within the folders.

Also a few new selection of deviations has been added to the feature folder! Congratulations to those! And as always, if anyone has special thoughts on any pieces, feel free to make suggestions!

Also, I was thinking about it recently and organizing some sort of online tournament would be kinda cool, but I don't think the rooms permits us to have some kind of "organized fights". I think they just keep whoever won the fight on top until they get defeated by someone, right? It's been such a long time I haven't played online that I can't remember. Your thoughts?

Or if anyone really just wants to have fun and have friendly battles, you are welcomed as well! My PSN is CristalKnight. People fighting on the Xbox are also welcomed to make new friends and have friendly battles together!
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